Master thesis 2016

Spring 2016 i finished my Master´s Program in Visual and Performing Arts: Art and Design Education.

"How does youth from the multicultural Holmlia interpret and perceive visual expressions with focus on drawing and painting? With references to visual culture, globalization of art history and multiculturalism, I try to strengthen the meaningful aspects of the research question. Previous research on ethnical and religious minorities ́ relation to arts subjects, and my own experiences as an artist with Norwegian/Iraqi background in meeting with the Norwegian arena of arts, have contributed to my interest in this subject." (Amina Sahan, 2016)

Read the thesis here (norwegian language).

In referance to the master thesis, I made an artwork for the exhibition "Ad Astra" in April 2016 at Oslo University Collage.The artwork is illustrating what the interview objects had to say about my paintings without knowing that they were mine. I put copies of my paintings on a wall and wrote quotes directly to the wall with black acrylic paint.