Amina Sahan (1992)

Visual artist/educator

Oslo, Norway

Amina Sahan is an artist with Iraqi and Norwegian background, based in Oslo, Norway. She has a background in art and design education, master´s program from Oslo Metropolitan University. Her main field is painting, but also works with mixed media as photo/printing/collage and drawing. Her art and work as a public speaker/lecturer are Inspired by ongoing debates concerning multiculturalism, diversity and social issues.

Master Thesis 2016:

"Drawing and painting in a multicultural environment: Reflections of youth in Holmlia"  

Master Thesis about visual expression in multicultural environments, based on interviews with youth from Holmlia, Oslo. For more information about the thesis and the artwork, click here.

Social Media:

Facebook Page: Amina Sahan Art

Instagram: aminasahan

Linkedin: Amina Sahan


Tlf: +4746811809


Oslo Prosjektrom/ Schweigaards gate 34a, 0191 Oslo Norway


2011-2014   Bachelor´s Program Specialized Teacher Training in Design, Arts and Crafts. Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

2014-2016   Master´s Program in Visual and Performing Arts: Art and Design Education. Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.


2018 «The image of things» Group show in Guttorm Guttormsgaards archive, result of PRAKSIS Oslo residency, Blaker

2018 Oslo Open, open studio and exhibition, Oslo.

2018 «Empty Frame LIVE» (Live event and Pop-up exhibition), Grafill, Oslo

2018 «Between the lines» group exhibition, Norwegian Academy of the Arts, Oslo 

2018 Exhibition (solo), Tøyen Startup Village, Oslo 

2017 "Nordic Salon 2017" (Helsingborg kunstforening) juried exhibition at Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden

2017 Summer exhibition, Åsenhuset, Nesodden

2016 "Show your world 2016" (RE:ARTISTE) art exhibition Gallery MC, New York 

2016 "As Astra 2016" Masters program exhibition Oslo University College, Oslo 

2015 "Arttalks" art exhibition and artist interview at Nordic Black Theatre/Cafeteatret, Oslo

2015 "Focus" solo exhibition at Galleri Neuf, Oslo 

2014 "Arttalks" solo exhibition and artist interview Nordic Black Theatre/Cafeteatret, Oslo 

2014 "Romeriksutstillingen 2014" art exhibition at Lørenskog hus/Galleri Jessheim, Lørenskog and Jessheim 


2018 Residency: 10 PRAKSIS OSLO, «The Collective Subject of History», Blaker/Oslo

2017 Official purchase: Norwegian Church academies for «Brobyggerprisen 2017», Trondheim

2015 Paintings for sale at Iraqi cultural day in Oslo, Al-Ayn Foundation for orphans and people in need in Iraq, Oslo

Lectures and work

2018 Panelparticipant at seminar «New Odysses» by Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Oslo.

2018 Assistant and archiver for research fellow Merete Røstads project «The Participatory Monument: Remembrance and Forgetting as Art Practice in Public Sphere», Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo.

2017 Guest lecturer at Bachelor´s Program Teacher in Design, Arts and Crafts: "Design, Arts and Crafts in a multicultural context", Oslo and Akershus University College, Oslo

2017 Guest lecturer at Practical Pedagogical Education, Arts and Crafts. "Design, Arts and Crafts in a multicultural context", Oslo and Akershus University College, Oslo

2017 Lecture at seminar «Art Activism, Feminism and Transcultural Movements in The Middle East and Scandinavia» (The First Supper Symposium), Intercultural Museum, Oslo.

2017 Lecture at seminar «Luther and the other» (Norwegian Church Academies) at Jakob Church, Oslo.

2017 Panel member at seminar and workshop "Lønner det seg å være kreativ?". Organized by Youth Project at Sentralen, Oslo

2017  Tromsø International Film Festival 2017, Jury member of «Faith in Film» category. Tromsø 

2016 Panel member and workshop (Minareten/Transnational Arts Production) "Kreative yrker og mangfold- Veien til utradisjonell karriere", Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Oslo 

2016 Lecture at seminar (Kristiansund Kirke Kunst Kulturakademi) "Barn-kunst-tro", Kristiansund Krike Kunst Kulturfestival 2016, Kristiansund  

2015 Panel member at seminar about minorities and art in Norway "Kreative yrkesvalg blant minoriteter: motivasjonsforedrag og panelsamtale" (Minareten/Minotenk), Eldorado bokhandel, Oslo 


2018 Illustrations for book: S.Sandberg/... Unge Muslimske stemmer- om tro og ekstremisme (2018) Universitetsforlaget.

2017 Fletta Kunstmagasin (art published in magazine)

2017 The Social Art Award: Invigorating The Rise of Social Art (art and article published in book)

2016 Klassekampen article (Portraint interview), "Et uvanlig valg" 

2015 Samora Magasin (Portrait interview), "Kunstneren mot strømmen" 

2014 Klassekampen article, "Bråk om flerkulturell kunst" 

2014 Romerikes blad, article about "Romeriksutstillingen 2014" 

2014 Estetisk Forum 2014: Article about bachelorproject for Bachelor´s Program Specialized Teacher Training in Design, Arts and Craft. "God Jul"